Purity, kindness and a feeling of I don't know what' of those that make you remember the importance of being free.

I want to invite you to get to know the work of some guys who leave their mark wherever they step, be it in the snow or on the sand on the beaches of Ibiza. A company with soul and good vibes, which leaves no one indifferent.

Opening a bottle of Krug with them must be a privilege, although I'm sure with their precious humility they won't think the same. They are the fashion entrepreneurs in Ibiza, now in Formigal and why not also in Madrid, where we would love to see them creating one of their leisure and restaurant venues.

We are talking about the Vivir Barefoot Group . A name for a commercial company, which already gives good clues to the magnetism that is born in its leisure and restaurant proposals.

Born in 2012 with the most prestigious popular beach bar in Spain, to date " BESO BEACH ", (yes, that one in the photo on insta of #NOHAYVERANOSINBESO ).

Re-invented in 2021, due to the sale of its beach bar. And trusting in his good intuition, to make way for a new beginning in the leisure sector in Ibiza.

Creating a story of Rotx hearts of love, which have conquered the public that seeks to experience the island, in the most sincere way.

They break with the established, offering an impressive chromatic range of fun, gastronomy, relaxation, and above all, good vibes. Forming the first success of this new beginning, ROTO IBIZA, which is not the only one .


Located in the luxurious Marina Ibiza Marina , with views to admire an incredible sunset, over the old city of Dalt Vila, ROTO IBIZA was born.

A most attractive restaurant/club in the Ibizan scene at the moment. The concept created by Miguel Sancho , a successful leisure businessman in Ibiza, Andrés García-Prado , co-founder of Beso Beach and Jorge Brazález from Granada, chef and winner of the 5th edition of the MasterChef Spain program, as well as a footballer and artist.

They lead Roto Ibiza to be the icon of a unique, carefree lifestyle and with the essence and authentic style that is needed to mark a great milestone.

The soul of enjoying a dinner from the purity of the ingredients, focusing the composition of its dishes, on the raw material cooked with detail and care . And being faithful to the Mediterranean and Mozarabic roots, which stand out in its menu.

They make Roto's kitchen boast of good gastronomy, standing out in a fiercely competitive market, marked by the great abundance of restaurant businesses in Ibiza .

But not everything remains in its menu of dishes, nor in the great gastronomy that they manage.

The glamorous atmosphere, together with the somewhat "thug" elegance, instantly mark what your night in Ibiza will bring, that little walk through the canal of the most luxurious port in Ibiza, next to the most emblematic mega-yachts in the world and the views immeasurable of the old city of ibiza , they already make you see, that you are not in any place. Although their first claim upon entering is very sincere, the truth is that they are "VERY OPEN" in that place you breathe naturalness, where it doesn't matter who you are, here you are one more rotx, in an after-dinner that will last until the most hooligan hour of Ibiza where the champagne begins to flow .

Meeting personalities of worldwide repercussion is quite common, but above all you will find the essence of the white island, its people. Lifelong Ibizans, they choose Roto every day and that says a lot about a good restaurant. They are also open all year to provide service and fun to those who live on the island or to the lucky one who makes a getaway to the most emblematic oasis of the Mediterranean.

You can know all the details of ROTO IBIZA here or Reserve a table here.

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