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Mister Bottle

Membership Level 1 - Mr.Bottle Night Club

Membership Level 1 - Mr.Bottle Night Club

How to access this FREE membership.

You can access this level of membership directly with your misterbottle purchases. Once you reach a minimum monthly billing: €850/month we will send you our welcome pack directly and you will begin to enjoy all the advantages of Silver membership.

In order to maintain your monthly billing information, you need to create an account here. Once you have your account you will be able to see how many orders you have made and the total invoiced.

If you already have an account and you have not yet reached the minimum billing, you can also access directly by paying the monthly payment in the purchase button below

25% discount for total annual payment.

15% discount for full quarterly payment.

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Choose your city

- Silver level membership gives you access to all collaborators from 1 single city. Enjoy and benefit from exclusive advantages in the best collaborating establishments in the city.


Coming soon: (MIAMI - TULUM)

Silver Membership Advantages - Level 1

What can you do with this membership?

  • Welcome pack level 1
  • Free shipping on all orders at Mister Bottle.
  • Invitation to Mr.Bottle club events and private tastings.
  • Access by list, to the affiliated clubs of the chosen city.
  • Immediate table reservation in the best restaurants and affiliated clubs in the city.
  • Advance tickets for exclusive events.
  • Access to exclusive Mr Bottle products, only for members.

As a member you will receive our calendar of events: Tasting courses, Workshops, Showroom, Fairs, Trips to Wineries.

*You can cancel your membership at any time.

The Mr.Bottle Club membership format is a format associated with the loyalty of each client. From the MrBottle team, we reward our best clients, through exclusive advantages by rank, in services associated with the business itself and the deals that we generate together with our collaborators.

We opt for membership levels with a retroactive character for the client, through a minimum monthly billing range in our boutique, giving the option of admission to the different types of membership that we offer in an organic way and thus rewarding loyalty to MrB.

We also offer a form of direct membership opening for newly arrived clients, who feel the need to come and learn about all our services. Through a recurring payment fee, and by analyzing the profile of each customer, from their taste in music to their favorite drink, cocktail or dish.

This payment format will admit the client as a member of the club with a limited time conditioned to his monthly payment, with the possibility at any time to cancel his subscription and therefore its benefits.

Tier 2 Membership - Gold (2 cities + 1 temporary pass)

Access by minimum monthly billing: €1600/month

Direct access with recurring payment: €90/month

25% discount for total annual payment.

Membership Level 3 - Diamond (All locations)

Access by minimum monthly billing: €2600/month

Direct access with recurring payment: €200/month

25% discount for total annual payment + 1 month free.

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